Ita G Festa

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/11/02 07:53 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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There will be an event next Sunday (Nov 9th) in Odaiba called Ita G Festa where there will be over 500 itasha on display.
The event is turning out to be quite an otakufest and there will also be cosplayers too.

A group in Cure are looking for girls who are free for the day willing to cosplay as Ranka and Sheryl - they need two of each and will pay 15,000 yen to each person who ends up cosplaying.

Good Smile have told me that they plan to be there but are still making the car which is not finished - could be a slight chance that they cant go.
If you are in town and plan on going then contact me though my Facebook and we'll meet up.
You can see more pics like this Itasha pictured here at a previous Comike.

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