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Japan Sky

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/07/23 18:53 JST In Japan
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Walk along any urban district in Tokyo and you will see telephone/electric wires spanning the sky.

I guess this could be because of the amount of earthquakes we get here and ease/cost of maintenance.
When we moved into our house, the telephone company had to climb up one of these poles and pull the telephone and optic fibre to our house from these wires - the guy done it in no time.

One thing annoying about these wires is that crows sit on them and make such a racket.

Its not like this everywhere though - you hardly notice any in busy districts like Shinjuku or Shibuya for example.

...Compared to the sky outside my house back in the UK.
While the sky is free from a web of wires, the roads of London always seemed to be dug up by British Telecom to fix or install stuff. Never ending roadworks.
I personally prefer a sky full of wires than roadworks that go on forever (that cause traffic jams).

BTW, Do you know why there are many pits in UK roads? Its because they use newspaper as fillings - I have seen road workers in the UK fill in holes with newspaper and then lay tar on top!


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