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Dance Vader

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2007/07/21 18:16 JST In Tokyo Stormtrooper
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Shot the day after Tokyo Dance Trooper in Harajuku. The above shot is of Hector and I harassing, erm, I mean dancing with some school girls. Video after the jump.

Didnt really plan this one too much and just went to Harajuku to see what would happen.
Hector was Vader while I wore the trusty ol trooper armor. After watching this vid, you can get yourself along to Hectors site to see the "behind the scenes" video and photos.

This time round, we brought along some portable speakers so that people who were dancing with us could actually hear the music. In the Dance Trooper video, only I could hear the music on the iPod ^^;

You can also see in Hectors video that we were actually dancing (or attempting to) to the same Earth Wind and Fire "lets groove tonight" tune. Didn't want to have the same soundtrack in the final video so replaced it with a tune that had the same tempo.

If you want to share this video, you can find the embed code at YouTube.


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