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Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2008/10/30 08:30 JST In Figures
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Details of up n coming releases just uploaded to the GSC site.
First up is this 1/4 scale Rin Kokonoe by Freeing due out next Jan - retails for 11,800 yen. Looks like the top is made from cloth = probably castoffable.

Second is Maritan - limited edition with Hobby Japan. 3,500 yen and due out next march.

Third is Nagi from Kannagi which I still have not watched yet - tell me if I'm missing a gem.
6,800 yen and due out next Feb by Freeing.

Any of the above on your get list?

Sorry to ask this related question but I just secured the next sponsor for the up n coming giveaway. Probably 150 - 200 USD worth of goodies. I need you to help decide whether it should be "winner takes all" or "winners share the prizes" where the first correct answer gets "wow!", second place gets "cool!" and third places gets "hmmm. great."

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