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Japanese Pets

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2012/05/26 15:34 JST In Japan
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Look closely before you pick these up at the super market thinking that they are salads - because they are actually beetles.

One of the most interesting aspects of Japanese culture I've seen is that many folks in Japan love to keep these Kabuto Mushi (otherwise known as stag beetles) as pets - see some of them in action below.

Stag beetles are usually kept in the toy section of department stores - this little fella was like "dad I want one!!"

Hmmmm. The more I look at them the more they seem cute to me?!!!

Would you keep a stag beetle as a pet?

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Not absolutely sure how long their lifespan is but some of my Japanese followers on Twitter tell me anything from 1 - 4 years.

Caption this image.

Shelves of beetle goodies - food, houses and objects for the beetles to play with.

What sort of pets do you have at home?


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