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Human Rights in Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/10/29 15:58 JST In Japan
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So you must have heard many laws being passed to make it legal for gay couples to marry but leave it to Japan to take it a step further - a petition will be submitted to the Japanese government upon the collection of one million signatures asking for law to be passed making it legal to marry a two dimensional character.

The petition is filled under Human Rights and can be seen online here.

The online petition comes with the following:-

We don't have interest in the 3D world. If possible, I want to become the husband of a 2D character.
Does not look like this matter can be solved with today's science and technology so at least make it legal to marry a 2D character.
If this law is passed then I want to marry Asahina Mikuru...

Via Itai News and also covered by Alfa, Nekoare, Oshietekun and 7000 other otaku site owners who are excited about this news ^^;

Hmmm, lemme submit one to make it legal to marry a figure as this will be closer to fulfilling the otaku dream.

If I was not married I would choose Fauna as my figure bride and probably Haruka from Minamike to be my 2D bride.

Image from Gelbooru.


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