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Suenaga T-shirts

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/10/29 03:22 JST In Anime
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First time designing T-shirt layouts which is why some of these mockups look odd ^^;
I'm working with a certain figure company to help produce the up n coming official merchandise.
The T-shirts will be the type of quality you get from Cospa so they should last quite a bit - my Haruhi and Idol Master silkscreen shirts have lasted a few years with no fade of color or stretching. As soon as I get the designs done they will print up some samples using the 4 color silk screen method and another method which I cant remember.

Out of these designs, which *layout* do you prefer the most? If you have any mock ideas then let me know - you can grab images from Mirai and haruka-chans page.
Currently have no plans to print any color apart from black T-shirts.

I've also been told that the company can make some Mirai oppai mousepads too ^o^



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