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Miri Hanai

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/07/09 20:26 JST In Japanese Idols
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Taken at the new Berry Waffle studios in Hamamatsucho.

It's just before noon in Tokyo which means lunch so how about a double portion of Miri Hanai (花井美理) ? The other portion has just been uploaded by Hector so check his photos out too.

Miri Hanai has been doing the Idol Gravure thing for a while now and has tons of DVDs out. Some of you may have (but probably not) recognized her in the Akibaman video by Nike - she gave the guy his costume at the end.

Miri has a ton O dvds out and you can check out her DVD ranking in the Ranking Charts.

You can see some of Miri in action in the Otavids section too here, here and here. YouTube keep deleting her clips so get em while they are hot ^^;

Nearly forgot to mention that she has a ton O photo books out too ^^;

The 1.32 GBs of photos where mainly taken up by the huge size of RAW files (about 10MB each).
Also got more Miri photos but are just similar poses.

Thanks to Berry Waffle for being the best as always.

This time round I took some photos in RAW. The photo on the left was converted from the CR2 format to a 16bit channel TIFF using Macs Preview and then converted to an 8bit channel JPEG in Photoshop.
The photo on the right was the original JPEG. My SLR saves in both RAW and JPEG at the same time (I think most do).
As you can see, the original RAW file looks much better in terms of color. The problem I have is that batch scripts and browsers seem to ignore embedded color profiles.

Played around with photoshop loads but couldnt find a way to adjust the colors to match the original RAW file without saving the embedded color profile. If anybody has experience converting RAW files and keeping the original colors for web use then any help will be most appreciated.

Leaving you with a shot of the other idol. While Miri was more my type, the other one was Hectors type ^^; Will upload soon.

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