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Counterfeit Goods in Japan

Fri 2008/10/24 10:04 JST

Japan Probe reports that 52% of Japanese don’t have a problem with counterfeit brand goods and pirated movies.

A majority of Japanese adults now believe that it is acceptable to buy counterfeit brand goods or pirated music and movies:

A survey released Thursday by the Cabinet Office showed 52.4 percent of those polled said buying counterfeit products such as brand name bags, watches, CDs and DVDs is acceptable, up 7.2 percentage points from a previous survey in 2006.

Those who replied that counterfeit products should not be bought no matter what declined 7.5 percent to 39.9 percent in the survey conducted in September. The figures are based on replies given by 59 percent of a total of 3,000 people aged 20 or older.

Me personally don't have a thing for brand goods - counterfeit or otherwise. I usually try to remove the label or logo if I end up with a brand item. The last thing I remember doing was inking out a Nike logo on a pair of trainers and water bottle holder which I'm using for my armor.

Any of you bother with "counterfeit brand goods" or pirated movies on DVD?

Photo of Soniko caught listening to a pirated CD from Gelbooru.

Ah, and you may notice that the news items now have polls. I'm giving it a test run before I release it to you to create your own polls.

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