Akihabara Liberation Demo

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/07/02 18:25 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Most of you probably know about the demo that took place yesterday in heaven - the Akihabara Liberation Demo.
The main message of the demo was...

  • We make our own future!
  • We wont let anybody stop what we like doing!
  • [li] In order to make enjoyment, lets stand together!

Bad translations by me taken from the official site put up for the demo.[/li]
That was the main message but the main gist of the demo was to let the world know that we a proud to be otaku. Otaku forever!

Before I continue, make sure to check out Hectors coverage of the event too - he has even more great photos (all these photos were taken by him). My man ellcy90 also has great coverage too.
I have uploaded 12 videos to the otavids section as follows - camera work by Hector.


It was a really fun event that was organized with the local police. The police guided us through the streets of Akiba with a white van in front paving the way for us.
This guy seemed to be involved in the organization of the event.

Very pretty bunny lady. Dont know what character she is though.

Vending Machine Zero from Coca Colas most viral marketing Vending Machine Red. I think this beats Nikes Akiba Man.

Men dressed as maids is now an everyday sight for me.

Men dressed as Haruhi is also another everyday sight for me.

But I prefer girls dressed as Haruhi.

The police cosplay was fantastic - couldn't tell the difference from real police.

"(The major cause of Akiba's dismantle) Yodobashi Camera - Go back to Shinjuku!"

For those who dont know, since Yodobashi's arrival in Akihabara, many small shops have not only been closed down but also dismantled. If you go to Akiba lately you will notice a ton of construction work.
With the way things are progressing, Nakano Broadway may very well be Akiba's Successor as Otaku are forced out of Akiba. Its pretty evident that the government are trying to turn the area into an IT/tourist district.

The end of the Demo ends in a small park near Yodobashi Camera. At this point everybody is told to go home.

But before we do go home, we all start to lark about ^^;

I thought I would steal Vending Machine Zero's arms ^^;

I've forgotten all the character names from Dragon Ball. Songoku?

The gorgeous Tamaki twins.

On the way to the station, we see some nice girls dressed up in orange and just had to ask for a photo opportunity.

The girl on my right (with her arms around me) in particular is gorgeous.

Her smile is so nice that I had to post all variations ^^;

I think this smile of hers is the best ^^;

Maid by the station.

Natsuko Ayai looking very nice.
A quick thanks to member Zer0 (textfiend.net/zerohero/) for reminding me about this event - I nearly forgot about it in the midst of being busy with Mirai Inc ^^;

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