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Japan Hotel

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2007/06/29 19:16 JST In Japan
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OK, this post is not really about Japanese Hotels but of an interesting way for you to stay cheap in Japan so that you can save your money for Gundams n figures...

This is a picture of a Private Room or Video Box service at Akihabara. You can rent a small private room thats equipped with a TV, DVD player, an internet connection and a reclining chair - some of them fold out flat so you can sleep.
The price list shows 3,000 yen for 12 hours which is cheap and you get to use their shower facilities too. Sounds good?

While you can use these as cheap accommodation, the main purpose of these private rooms is for folks who suddenly get the urge from looking at too much Moe stuff at Akihabara.
While peeking inside, I see rows of adult DVDs and men being handed some Tenga before they go to their room @.@
This page shows you what its like on the inside - notice the adult DVDs and Tenga ^^;
Only in Japan? I'm not sure but dont remember seeing anything like this in London or Seattle.


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