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Japanese Food

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2007/06/28 19:30 JST In Japan
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Japanese Food - a subject that has to be talked about at least once. This post also covers food served in Japan.
Those traveling to Japan may want to print and bring this post along to avoid the "point-at-menu-that-has-no-pics-and-see-what-arrives" syndrome.

This first dish is Kawa Ebi (川えび) which is deep fried prawns. I never thought I could eat a prawn whole like this until I actually tried it. Costs about 600 yen.

A shop selling Om Rice (オムライス) which is basically rice wrapped in a sheet of lightly fried egg. Also comes with toppings and other side dishes.

You have to wait for your food at some food courts so you get one of these devices that will buzz when your grub is ready. If this was back in the UK, I can envision many of these going missing.

Tonkotsu Ramen (豚骨ラーメン) noodles. Soup base is made from pig stock. A Yukorin fan to cool me down while I eat. About 800 yen.

Many shops do have these plastic renditions in the window which you can just point to. This shop window is for some reason also filled with UFO Catcher goodies.

Popular Korean Dish Yukke Jang (ユッケジャン)。Very hot n spicy. About 800 yen.

Set of Tenpura (天ぷら) and udon at Tenya. About 600 yen.

Inside this ball of ice are two pieces of Sashimi (raw fish). About 2,000 yen !

DIY mushrooms. About 1,000 yen @.@

Sometimes I need to work late and dont get much time to eat out so its a night of rolled sushi. About 700 yen for both sets.

Yakiniku (焼き肉). Traditionally eaten in Korea but very popular in Japan.
You basically cook the meat that you order. Is this funny? I know many people laughed when they watched this bit in Lost In Translation (which I watched all the time when I left Japan for Seattle).

More of the plastic food. These make it so much easier to make food selections.

Kaisendon (海鮮丼). A bowl of rice with seafood. About 650 yen.

The Om Rice with a croquette (コロッケ) and sauce. Tastes lovely. About 600 yen.

I'm sure this was a Vietnamese place in Shibuya. Green curry set at about 1,000 yen.

Love this dish. Agedashi Tofu (揚げ出し豆腐) which is deep fried Tofu in sauce. About 500 yen.

Yum! Tebasaki (手羽先). Grilled chicken wings on a stick. About 400 yen for a plate of two sticks.

Another type of Kaisendon. Bowl of rice with seafood topped with a half boiled egg. About 650 yen.

More Kaisendon shenanigans.

This is the closest I'm going to get to eating Siew Yook in Japan. Taste is good though. About 1,500 yen for this plate.

Dim sum - looks like shite and also tastes like shite.

Some of the Pizzas served over here are really nice. This came with a set at 1,800 yen in Daikanyama.

And we do eat at home sometimes ^^; Wifey makes some great dishes *^-^*

Gyudon (牛丼). Bowl of rice with beef. This set cost 400 yen - a bargain especially when you want to save your money for shopping in Akiba.
Yes thats a raw egg which you beat and pour over the rice bowl.

The Green Goblin pub in Akasaka does a great Fish n Chips - when you walk in its full of Gaijin. About 1,500 yen.

Half boiled egg at about 350 yen.

I forgot what this is called but its a Nabe full of meat, seafood and vegetables - not only does it look gross, it tastes gross too.

Yakiniku set at about 980 yen.

I love Japanese curry. This can be eaten at Akihabara at a cost of 800 yen.

The sushi place around the corner from where we live. About 200 yen for a plate of two. The seaweed rolled ones are fish eggs - look gross but taste good.

Example of Chinese food in Japan. Ebichiri (エビチリ) lunch at about 1,000 yen. Spicy prawns with rice.

This is a most amusing dish called Otooshi. When you go to a Japanese Izakaya (pub) they bring along some steamed towels and this Otooshi small dish. Every time you go it will be different.
You think that its just a snack to keep you occupied while waiting but they charge you about 250 yen for it! Its just an excuse to take money from you which I hate because sometimes it tastes like a baboons bottom.

If you are brought these and dont fancy paying for it then ask the waiter to take it away *before* he leaves the table.

Deep fried Renkon. Dont know what Renkon is in English but its a vegetable with holes in it ^^;

The last few pics are of a typical Japanese food shop.
More food in the related galleries for this post.


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