Japanese Milk

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2007/06/23 16:43 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Don't usually post videos as the main content as you see them in the Otavids section anyway but this was too good. Its a Japanese commercial outlining how milk gets to the consumer. It may sound boring but is extremely educational - Check it out. Thanks to member Dinosaur for the find. Image from My News Japan.
Some of my thoughts on milk.
  • The milk back in the UK tastes completely different from Japanese milk. Must be the grass?
  • Had a tough time finding fresh milk in China and Malaysia. Dont know why.
  • People living in the UK or US will get a shock when moving over to Japan - the milk cartons are tiny!
  • If you dont like somebody, pour milk onto the floor of their car.
  • [li] A search for the term "milk" in Japanese (ミルク) on google brings up an ero image as the first result (results may vary from region and may depend on adult filters)


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