Wooden Supercar

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2007/06/14 17:52 JST In Gadgets
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This is for all the fans of wood out there. What else can you buy now that you have already pre-ordered your wooden Gundam? How about a wooden car for 3,900,000 yen?

This car is produced by a local furniture maker in Maniwa city - and like all small companies in Japan, they dont have a site that I can direct you to.
The "Wooden Supercar" is 1.3 meters wide x 2.5 meters in length x 1.1 meters high and has a max speed of 80km/h.
You can see last nights coverage of this car at WBS (video is only available for today and is darn Real Player). You can also see earlier coverage in the Otavids section.
Images from Doblog and Madame Ako.

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