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Darth Vader

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2007/06/02 19:10 JST In Tokyo Stormtrooper
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Got the armor to a wearable state and went out to give it a test drive. And theres me thinking that Vader was going to be much easier than a Stormtrooper ^^;
Vader beats trooper hands down in terms of difficulty!
The leather suit ensures that you become a walking oven and the heavy helmet ensures that you cant see as the lenses steam up in no time ^^;
Anyway, time for some lovely cold udon to cool off.

But despite the difficulty, school girls seem to like Vader as much as Stormtroopers ^^;
There were quite a few in this place lining up for pics. School girl uniforms in Japan look so much better than the ones back in the UK.

Took photos with just about everybody in the restaurant ^^;

Using the force to open an automatic door...

Colonel Sanders gets a bollocking for growing alien chickens.

Need to improve my photoshop-lightsaber-effect ^^; That Force FX Lightsaber is awesome.

Vader needs his regular dose of Tachiyomi (whats Tachiyomi?).

Photographing Vader is tough as there needs to be a lot of lighting in order to see him! No lighting and all you end up seeing is a dark blob like in this picture.

Will post a how-to-dress-up and review of the parts and how I modified the suit to be wearable.
The armor looks respectable from a distance but some of the armor looks like it has been chewed on by a dog - photos and details soon.

Now I need to modify the armor more based on the test drive. Shoulder bells, cape, cod, Saber holder and shoes need mods.


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