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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/10/11 18:22 JST In Figures
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When I first saw the pic - the first word I uttered - "Whaaaat?!!!!"
More pics at lu-k's burogu. Will post this on the GSC site tomorrow or Monday. I'm sure the boss will be happy to see this ^^;
A few more of you have posted stuff and I will post them too.

For those who are posting entries to go on the GSC site, please say how many figures are in the pic and which region you are from.

Original text from lu-k below.

Oyo! took me "a little" time to gather my beloved GoodSmile Cie and Max Factory figures together, but finally, here my entry!

Ok, in fact few more kits are not visible on this picture, so you can come over here to see the rest, plus some extra closer shots, ku ku ku ^^;

Now I am thinking of bringing all these outside, but I don't know yet how to proceed...

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