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If you are a Macross, Ghost in the Shell, Eureka Seven, Aquarion or Patlabor fan and just happen to be around Tokyo between now and July 1st, you may want to get your booty along to Ginza where you can get a load of this 1/1 scale "Powered Suit Dualis" mecha designed by Shoji Kawamori who designed some of mechas in those anime series.

The mecha has been designed to promote a new SUV by Nissan called the Dualis.
The CMs on TV for the Dualis are rather cool and you can check them out at Pink Tentacle.

You can see the mecha at the Nissan Ginza Gallery from now until 13th June and at the Sony Building from the 25th June through 1st July. (get off at Ginza station on the Ginza line)
Images from IT Media.

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