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Shunya Yamashita

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/05/22 18:21 JST In Figure and Doll events
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Seen pics of Rudy before but t'was the first time for me to have a good gander with me own mince pies.
Didnt think too much about this figure until the show but will now probably land on my buy list. For those who dont know, her eyes are full cast off @.@ - some picvs on AmiAmi somewhere whcih I cant seem to find now.
I still think Mirei-san is the nicest out of the Shunya Yamashita bunch though.

BTW/Off Topic, one of my end of year goals was to reach 20,000 unique visitors per day but I've already been getting that for the past few weeks. Setting a new stretch goal of 30,000 UU daily by end of year ^^;
The bad(ish) news is that I did not expect the incremental traffic to arrive so soon which is why you may be experiencing slow loading times. Currently working on new caching algorithms and hope to finish that this week.
I wrote some scripts to resize your avatars that appear on the top page to improve loading times. Managed to reduce avatars which were 40k down to 1k and shave off about 200k in total form the top page. If you are using a gif with transparency or animation - it may look odd for the top page only - avatars will be as you uploaded them for the rest of the site.
Do let me know if you have any other requests re navigation on the site.


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