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Fri 2007/05/18 19:47 JST

Got loads to show you so will be splitting up the report into several parts over the next few days. Figure fans need not fret as will be covering one lovely figure in particular that may possibly induce a nose bleed.

Arrived in Shizuoka yesterday morning after a 45 min ride on the Hikari Shinkansen (bullet train) and made for Twin Messe Shizuoka where the event was being held. Despite being press/business day, the place was packed - most gathered around the Bandai booth. They had GFF Musha Gundam and GFF (huge!) Psycho Gundam on display but was guarded by Bandai staff who all had "no-photos" written on their forehead.

Bandai had a wall of all 100 MGs and I took some photos of my fave MGs - just incase you are wondering why I snapped old MGs.
The PG Wing Gundam is a limited edition perl model which is basically the same mold as the previous version.

The Shizuoka Hobby Show is open to the public Saturday and Sunday - if you cant make it then wait until October and go to the Plamo Radicon show instead which will be held in Makuhari - last years coverage here.

Bumped into Yoshumu-san yesterday and you can get a load of his pics here.
Some of the better coverage can be found among the following.

And of course Gunota has been collecting all the resources on the show - check it out.[/li]

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