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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/05/16 18:13 JST In Japan
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I think I mentioned that there was only one thing that I dislike about living in Japan (everybody smokes) but I just remembered there was something else - people ride their bikes on the pavement/sidewalk.

Generally there are two types of annoying riders. The first type is the one who is too shy to ring their bell and rides quietly behind you like some sort of stalker.
The other type is the one who is also too shy to ring their bell but instead screeches their brakes right behind you - this is the worst type. I should probably carry around a pack of tyre piercing nails to drop on the floor or something...
Here are some pics of bike parks which you generally find outside many train stations. People treat their bikes like shite - they also treat other peoples bikes like shite too ^^;

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