Mirei San

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/05/14 19:36 JST In Figures
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Kotobukiya delivered my Mirei on the day of release but I returned it due to shoddy paint work around her lower pair of eyes. They were pretty good about replacing her for me but I had to wait a while as it was Golden Week at the time.

Went absolutely crazy with the camera and took over 300 pictures and struggled to get that down to 50 this morning - with a figure this gorgeous, your camera trigger finger automatically goes crazy ^^;

The paint work on the replacement is spot on and the sculpting is top notch. Its interesting because she looks cute and sexy at the same time. She comes with two right arms and two hair styles - I prefer her hair up. Still considering getting the blonde version too.
The chair that she comes with is well detailed but you can sit her just about anywhere including your left shoulder. Marvin took some interesting pictures with Mirei's accessories which I thought was cute.
You will notice one pic of Mirei with a white background - tried following SuperRats indoor tutorial but failed - probably need more lamps.
Update: Just added two images to the wallpaper pool.

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