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Kureha figure

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/05/07 19:00 JST In Figures
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My jaw dropped when I first saw this 1/7 scale figure of Kureha in this months hobby magazines and I got to meet her at the WHF. She wasnt feeling too well as you can see by looking closely at her neck - looks like her head is about to fall off! @.@ Or maybe somebody tried to steal her head?

For the 50% of you that voted for figures the other day - I actually wonder if there is any of you who doesn't like this figure.
Her pose, detail and facial expression kinda takes your breath away does it not? A therapeutic figure? Not familiar with the Shining Tears series though.
If only I could do a Hiro Nakamura and freeze time - that figure would be gone in an instant ^^;

More tomorrow but in the meantime dont forget to check out Shingo's coverage of WHF too.


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