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WHF 16

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2007/05/06 19:29 JST In Figures
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WHF Coverage starts now with just under 100 photos - IE users will experience blurring as the page loads - just click through and go and get a cuppa tea or something while waiting.
As always, am going to split coverage into a few parts over the next few days.
The lighting was quite dark compared to previous shows and had a hard time getting good shots - either need to read up more on how to use my camera, get a new lens or a new camera...
BTW, didnt add blurbs to the photos because I know that you know your stuff. But ask if there is anything you cant identify (and feel free to answer ^^;)

Update: There was a slight bug in the galleries where photos from the previous WHF were showing up instead - fixed now.

Totally forgot about the event until a few days before so t'was too late to get my press pass. Did not fancy queuing up and arrived at about 12.30PM where I was able to just walk in.

First went to Comitia to meet Azamiyuko sensei - not much else to see though.

Quick look at my booty.

Got a nice cup of Mikeo by illustrator Pink ChuChu - PG Tips is going to taste so much better now ^^;
Whenever folks come from the UK, I get given PG Tips and never run out of it!

Comtia catalog, Azamiyuko stuff.

Very cute indeed.


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