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Sakura Matou

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/04/24 19:03 JST In Figures
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Never did get round to watching all of Fate but I do like Saber and Sakura.
Was disappointed with the other release of Sakura as the shots I saw at Moeyo looked like she was painted badly - shame too as the eyes on that one looked much nicer ^^;

The expression on this 1/6 scale figure looks a bit odd and her waist looks a bit off too. The towel is a bit shiny for my taste too. Everything else about this figure is fine however. Those interested can get her at HobbyStuff4U who I have to thank for the free sample again ^o^
The weather is lousy in Tokyo at the moment and it looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer before I can do another photo shoot orz.


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