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Japanese Graveyards

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/04/18 19:10 JST In Japan
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This is a picture of a typical Japanese graveyard. The norm is that a family buys some land and then builds a tomb to fit the rest of the family. G'ma, G'pa, mom, pop and yourself get to spend the rest of eternity together - at a cost.
The most expensive tombs I've been able to find is 5,980,000 yen (count those zeros!) in Yokohama. That 6 million yen is for 3 square meters. So you see - it not only costs a lot to live here - it also costs a lot to die here too ^^;

The Funeral will cost a bomb too and the most expensive I've been able to find is 2,191,980 yen here. I guess there are ways to make (lots of) money even from dead folks.

In general, families have the choice of burning or burying their members. When you die, how would you like to go?
My wife and I have decided to donate our organs and folks in Japan can register here if you want to do so too.


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