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Table O Figures

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/04/16 16:58 JST In Figures
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The thing is that a few more figures arrived after I took this shot ^^;
Displaying figures out of a case means that they need to be dusted down once in a while and I gather the girls together on the table or stairs to do so.

I was shocked when I read a post of TJ Han's when he said that he keeps the boxes so that he can sell his figures when he gets bored of them. I couldn't relate to that until I took this picture and realized that I got bored of some of my figures too. I dont have the boxes to re-sell them and stashed some of these figures away for a while until I think of what to do with them.
What do you do with your unwanted Gundams or Figures? Do you sell, or give away or stash them or?...


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