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TV Champion

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/04/02 18:30 JST In Anime
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A few topics today starting with the title of this post.

TV Champion

TV Champion is a variety program which has been running on Tokyo TV for about 15 years now. We see contestants battling against each other proving that they are the best at what they do. Every week there is a different topic for example, the best Shinkansen expert, the best glass artist and sometimes the best Akiba Otaku (images from that show above) ...

I was scheduled to appear in their "Gaikokujin Akiba Otaku Ou" (Foreigner Akiba Otaku King) due to air end of this month/beginning May. Unfortunately I had to cancel the last minute because Mirai Inc landed itself a huge project which needs 100% of my time and attention.
I promised the producer that I would look for my replacement, so if you are going to be in Tokyo between the 16th - 22nd April for filming, know Akiba like the back of your neck, can sing some anime OP and ED's, collect figures, and can speak JPLT lv2+ (enough so that you can answer questions and not make yourself look like a moose on TV) then contact my man Nimi-san (新見) at 090-9002-8828 or mail him at "niimi at". Alternatively you can apply online but would be quicker if you contact him directly - he needs to find my replacement by Tuesday afternoon JST so if you are interested contact him and let him know Danny sent you. Its prime time TV after all so he needs to meet you to make sure that you will entertain their viewers and to also make sure you are not some nut (bad rep for TV company).

You basically will be battling in a quiz show against other Gaijin Otaku and may do fun things like run up a slippery slope...
They asked me what Akiba type I would like to meet and I said Aya Hirano so you may even get to meet her.
This is not an April fool as you can see on the application page (link under logo) that they are looking for Gaijin Otaku.
Winners will receive the equivalent of 500,000 USD (ok its only 5000 USD) and losers get reimbursed transportation fee only.
May the force be with you.

April fool?

Most of you thought that Mirai no Mirai is an April fools! I couldn't have chose a worse date to announce it. But seeing is believing so keep your eyes peeled on Production IG's press page today for further announcements.


You will notice a new feature on the site called RSSFusion - a new type of news aggregator which not only aggregates RSS feeds, but also makes a thumbnail from the first image in the post. At the moment I have Anime news, Japan news, Otaku news and Figure news.
The feeds which are currently registered will give you good coverage of these topics. They are a good example which meet the following requirements...

  • Have well formatted RSS feed (usually ATOM) which has images enabled in the feed. The images can usually be turned on through the admin panel of whatever blog software you are using.
  • Allow hot-linking from the domain The RSSFusion engine will only fetch images if you allow it.
  • Use images with the "jpg" extension. I will introduce support for png, jpeg soon (none for gif). The engine currently identifies YouTube clips too and I will add YouTube thumbnails soon.
  • [li] Have regular quality content relevant to the sites genre.

I tried to add many other feeds which didnt have images enabled in the feeds.[/li]
I will be working on this engine so that you can create your own list of sites that you regularly visit but before that I will open up the Member Blog Directories. If you have an anime, figure, gundam, japan, cosplay or any otaku related blog, sign up for an account and register. Your posts will be thumbnailed and available to readers. For those who dont have an otaku related blog, register and categorize your site under "Non Otaku" - your blog posts will still be made available.
The RSSFusion RSS Tester tool is available for you to either test your feed or make thumbnails - feel free to make thumbnails of your feed.
If thumbnails of your post dont show then you either need to enable (jpg) images in your posts, enable hotlinking from or write posts with images in them ^^;

Code Geass

Watched episode 23 of Code Geass last night and found out that we need to wait until summer for episode 24 and 25. The Geass withdrawal symptoms are beginning to set in. What are we going to do without our weekly dose of the Geass girls?


Took your advice from a previous post and watched Heroes up until episode 18. Great show and thanks for the recommendation.


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