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TAF2007 - Part2

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2007/03/24 19:00 JST In Figure and Doll events
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Continuing with the Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 shenanigans.
Before I do continue however, my hosting center may be down for maintenance. Keep your eye on the server status page if this site wonders off into oblivion for a while. Will post updates there.

Lots of anime to look forward to next month - ones on my to-watch list are...

I'm sure I've missed some though and theres many more to come in the summer. Also added the ones I could find to the Otavids section.[/li]

This robo was at the Giant Robo booth. Looks like this anime has been revamped to present day standards. Have not checked it out yet but anything with robots/mecha in = must check ^^;
- video added to the Otavids section.

Kaze no Stigma starts next month.

The trailer for DMC anime was playing - no video footage allowed for press either. Looks very nice and I cant wait for the game either. Did you know that Capcom jumped ship and is releasing DMC4 on XBOX360 and PC too? Poor PS3 ^^;

Nanatsuiro Drops goes from game to anime.

Keitai Shojo. Never heard of this until the show. Added clip to the Otavids. many cute characters like the one showing on the screen.

Cute Dakimakura.

Cute characters = a must watch eh?

At the Dancouga Nova booth - clip in the Otavids.

If you got money to spend then you can use it up buying merchandise.

The artwork for Galaxy Angel looks like it was done by the folks who done Soukou no Strain?

If you like rokets and you like girls then you may like this - Rocket Girls.
Clip added to the Otavids.

Happiness - another eroge that became an anime.

BONES booth (eureka seven etc)

Darn. This title is on the tip of my tongue!

Looking forward to Skullman. Clip in the Otavids.

CENCOROLL - you will want to watch this one ^^.
Check out the clip in the Otavids to be impressed.

Coluboccoro. Could not find a clip for this one.

Heroic age - trailer in the Otavids.

Guren Ragan goodies.

Yoko from Guren Ragan.

Wall O Shana, Inukami and other stuff.

I ended up with 3 of these posters for some reason.

Shana out on the DS.

Zombie Loan goes from manga to Anime (I think)

Kochikame is just great. Shame it's not on TV anymore. OP in the Otavids.

Shana and her Melon pan.

Hitohira - PV in the Otavids. Looks like a good one.

Moonlight Mile - have not checked this out but looks F****** fantastic.

Expect to see all of tehse as figures - at the goodsmile booth.

Anime in the iPod...

Love this outfit ^^;

Have not started to watch Ghost Hunt - is it any good?

Kono Sora ni Yakusoku wo - I think this was originally an Eroge.

Aha! must must must see. Looks like this was an eroge back in 2005 but cant find any info on it orz.
Clip in the Otavids.

The new appleseed movie - prepare spare underwear before you watch the OP in the otavids.

More CG shenanigans in "Blame!"

The trailer at the show for Claymore looked good - cant find it in youtube though.

Macross 25th Anniversary.

Load O Valkyrie.

R2D2 Bin. I want one.

Cant wait! Idol master Xenoglossia. Trailer in the Otavids.


Nice Guren Ragan cosplay - the mecha I mean.

On the way home you see this at the station and want to take it down.

I also wanted this too but couldnt reach...


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