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Zero no Tsukaima Louise

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/03/20 19:00 JST In Figures
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Zero no Tsukaima is just too cool - hilarious, well animated, great BGM, tons of Moe and Bishojo characters together with a good plot. If you haven't checked out this anime then have a rummage around YouTube to see what its like. Personally, my fave character is Siesta though.

Being 1/8 scale, the size of Louise alone makes her cute. The hair is not as pink as I would have like it to be - should have been pink as in the anime but looks kinda faded.
The stockings, shoes and cloak seem somewhat shiny - dont know why they done that. What I do like is that you can take Louise off her ladder and stick her on top of your LCD display. Why I guess you can even stick her on your shoulder just like this guy.
The cast off feature is not enabled by default and requires some hacking - meaning that you need to just pull hard ^^; Not being able to remove the cloak is a pain though.

Big thanks to HobbyStuff4U for the sample ^^;
Folks who are interested can get Louise at HobbyStuff4U with a 5% discount when you mention "" in the notes field.


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