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Mizugi Takase Ver1

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/03/13 19:59 JST In Figures
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Woke up one morning to find a huge box on my doorstep - opened it to find a ton of free figure samples sent buy the guys n gals over at HobbyStuff4U @.@
Included was recent figures like Tenshi-san1 and Louise from Zero no Tsukaima (will take photos today). Today we are going to look at a re-release of Mizugi Takase in her white bikini battle gear.
Already have the green limited edition but I personally prefer the white. For some reason the faces look different - probably due to the position of the fringe. Notice how the fringe of the white version is lower than the green.
Mizuki has a rather noticeable join on her left arm but unlike Mine Blue which had a ton of other faults, this Mizuki figure is perfect everywhere else - just look at her huge pair of eyes ^^;

If there was a huge earthquake and I had to grab one figure - I think this would probably be the one. But when Fauna comes out it would be her. But it wait, it could be Mirei-san. Hmmmm, the amount of decisions to be made during an earthquake heh?

Thanks to HobbyStuff4U for the sample - you can get this version of Mizuki at their site and get 5% off the total price when you mention "" in their notes field when placing an order.

BTW, added one of these pics to the wallpaper pool.


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