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Vista Bento

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/03/12 16:29 JST In Gadgets
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So whats it like working for Microsoft then? Well apart from the great views, MS also provide us with food in the form of a Bento if a meeting is scheduled during lunch time - which is why everybody likes to schedule meetings at 12 ^^;
A Bento is a basically a small box stuffed with rice and other offerings of grub. I was going to talk about Japanese food today but noticed my Vista laptop and thought I would babble on about that instead.

Been using Vista at work for about 3 weeks now. Despite what many have said, Vista is not that much of a system hog. It seems to boot faster than XP and Aero works well on a very average spec machine (1GB memory). The system does take ages to wake up though - enough time to go and get a cuppa tea.
As I dont really use my work machine for much more than corporate life (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Powerpoint and Powerpoint from time to time), I dont notice that much difference from XP apart from eye candy and a feature which makes the screen go black every time you click on an exe file @.@

I'm personally in no rush to upgrade my PCs at home as I only use them for number crunching - XP is fine for that. My main machine is Mac OSX ^^
Have you/will you upgrade to Vista?


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