Pantsu shots in the news

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/09/17 02:58 JST In Japan
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NHK is a national TV station that is operated by money collected from citizens. Not many pay because the quality of the programs are so bad.
Looks like NHK are trying out a new strategy - showing panchira shots in the news. Hmmm, their strategy is working on me already ^^; And do I spy a cute ribbon?

I know that the BBC make UK citizens pay to watch TV (well it was like that 10 years ago - not sure about now). Do you have to pay to watch some TV in your region?

Original text from Henry below.

When a typhoon arrives in Japan, the media covers on the events of the typhoon but you get more than the weather news XDD

Those high school girls are lead to suffer during the typhoon XDD

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