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Gundam Musou Review

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/03/05 16:20 JST In Games
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Glad to report that Gundam Musou turned out to be a pretty decent game. Not sure what non-Gundam people will make of it but Gundam anime fans should love the action and like how the original actors and music have been used to add to the atmosphere.

Start the game without reading the instructions and you may start to think that the game is boring - just slashing away at Zaks, Zugog, Doms etc. Theres a bit more to it than that as I discovered after actually spending a few mins to go through the instruction booklet ^^;

The battle area is seperated into Fields - each Field has tons of Mobile Suits to slash/pump full of lead. There is also a badass Mobile suit guarding each area who you have to find - but in many cases they end up finding you! The first guard I came across was Gouf Custom and as he comes out with his line "ザクとは違うんだよ!(ざくとはちがうんだよ)" (this is different from a Zak mate!) and you have to hit him a billion more times than the other zak.
Most of the enemies however just walk around waiting to be slashed in two but thats just the early stages of the game. There is a main goal to each battle area which differs from each stage so its not just about going to get the main bad guy guarding each Field.

There are a decent amount of moves and combinations which you can use - some of which give you a good deal of satisfaction as hundreds of MS drop before you. What I like doing is running around a Field for a bit waiting for the whole screen to be filled with bad guys and then letting loose with attack combinations ^^;
The most difficult parts of the game is when the main characters like Char show up in his custom mobile suit - you have to pound him while shaking off a hundred other Mobile Suits which adds a lot to the excitement.

The graphics are top notch and have not noticed any slowdown despite the billions of mobile suits on the screen being processed at the same time. The PS3 fan does make a bit of noise though.

Ive only played with RX78 and God Gundam so far but you get to pilot different MS as you go through the game.
This is a great game to play after a hard days work at the office. Go home, have dinner and play this for 30 mins. Slash away at the bad guys while thinking of some of your gets-on-your-nerves-colleagues-or-boss.
If you like Gundam, like action games and have a PS3 then this is a title you should consider.

Available on #''#B000MKQ0UM,ガンダム無双 ,''# for 6,630 yen (1,170 yen off + free shipping)

BTW, I was going to bring you a video recording but YouTube has loads already - thought I'd show you some of the instruction booklet instead.


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