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WF 2007 Winter - Figures

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/02/26 16:00 JST In Figures
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Absolutely hectic day yesterday. Wonder Festival in the morning, filming HDTV in the afternoon and off to an Idol event in the afternoon. Being a full time employee at Microsoft and a full time otaku can be tough at times ^^; Hmmmm, maybe I should give up one of these full time positions...

There were the usual billions of people waiting outside when we got there but for some strange reason, the halls didnt seem as packed as it was this time last year. Waited 64 seconds for our press passes before going in though a seperate entrance. Thank god for press passes.

Spent most of our time around the enterprise booths - being Alter, Max Factory, Good Smile etc. Only skimmed though the garage kits section due to time constraints.
Going to dedicate this week Mon - Fri on yesterdays Wonder Festival and finish off the week with coverage from yesterdays idol event - I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with her!
This is the first part covering female figurines, tomorrow will cover mecha stuff, Wednesday will cover cosplay, Thursday and Friday will cover two of my most-favorite-absolutely-must-have-or-somebody-dies figures.

Dont have a terrible amount of time to go through all these but I know that you know your stuff when it comes to figures ^^. If you have a question, post the photo ID like "7571.jpg".

Coverage is being brought to you in coordination with Akihabara News where you can catch the latest HDTV and movie footage from inside the halls at Wonder Festival. Akihabara News will be uploading a few clips of the event coverage so be sure to check them out this week.
Moeyo and ellcy90 also have coverage that you may want to check out.

Ah, almost forgot to mention that when you click on "view the rest" that over 100 images will load. IE users will experience blurring. If this happens then install Firefox instead. Alternatively you could just view the whole gallery instead. Some NSFW pics included too so watch your back at work. Should I include laughing man discs to hide B-Chiku?


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