Summer Anime 2008

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/09/13 10:07 JST In Anime
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So Summers nearly over now and Autumn has many shows in stock for us. Am particularly looking forward to Kemeko DX and Nodame.

But how was the summer season of anime? For me its Strike Witches, Sekirei, Macross and Geass. Have stocked Zero no Tsukaima but have not got around to consuming.
Was enjoying birdy for a while but not many of my comrades were recording it for me for some reason.
Have only just started out on Haruka Nogizaka - cant wait to grab her oppai (mousepad) week after next.

So what were the highlights and lowlights for you?

Sanya Image captured using VLC. Speaking of VLC, what media player do you use? VLC is probably the only player that plays everything on a mac. I certainly don't miss my Windows days when I had to go and look for codecs which would screw up the registry.

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