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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2008/09/12 07:46 JST In Anime
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Interesting question from Bandaid below. For me it would be either minami-ke or Strike Witches or Sekirei or Haruhi for the girls.

But I do like the thought of having powers like the ones in Darker Than Black. Not sure if piloting a mecha in this day and age would be practical - parking would be really expensive ^^;

Original text from BandAiD below.

If you were given the opportunity to join a universe, be it an anime or manga one, which one would it be and why?

For example, you could choose to join the Clannad universe, and befriend the girls.

This is actually a bit complicated one for me, as there are many universes I would like to go for. I'm struggling between two. One would be Zero no Tsukaima, but it'd be away from Louise as she can annoy me sometimes. I'd spend some quality time with Siesta. ^^

The other is Bamboo Blade, as I like Tama-chan, who is absolutely cute. I did originally have Code Geass as one for Kallen, but that world is really twisted right now ^^;

I think if I were forced to choose one, it'd be Bamboo Blade.

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