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McDonalds Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/01/24 05:23 JST In Japan
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Not only is McDonanlds Japan a place for great fast food and viruses, Its also a great place to take a nap when you are plastered from a late nights work. There are always people sleeping in McDonalds over here. Speaking of sleeping in public, Josh posted his collection of pics that he took of people sleeping here there and everywhere around Japan – a must see.

Apart from people sleeping, you will also find students studying with text books and stationary all over the gaff.
Another interesting thing about McDonalds is that when you walk in, you will often see somebodys bag just left on a seat or a table – it’s the owners way of saying “this is my seat – don’t even think about it.” They walk in, leave their bag where they want to sit and then go to order their food. The interesting thing is that if they tried this back in my home town Hackney London, they will come back to find the contents of their bag all over the table or just plain gone!
Come to think of it, being Hackney and all, the owner could come back to find some vomit or skiddy pants among their belongings.
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