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Peace@Pieces Nagi

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/01/16 16:00 JST In Figures
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I thought this figure looked a bit odd when the release info came out so didnt really take much notice until I saw a pre-release figure of her at the Bishojyo Figure Convention.
This is Nagi Akizuki from the eroge Peace@Pieces. Dont know much about the game (in fact nothing at all ^^;) but this character is a cutie and I just had to have. After trying to find out more about her, I came across this gorgeous Good Smile version of her released a while back. Sold out pretty much everywhere but managed to find one on Yahoo Shopping.I still get confused between Alter and Goodsmile.

As for this figure - well crafted and painted where both sets of eyes look great ^^; Alter delivers again. I do have gripes though. For starters, I still think that thing shes wearing on her head looks odd but you cant remove it without doing permanent damage. You cant remove her from that green blob that shes sitting on either - well you can but this is what happens. If you stick her on your desk, she ends up looking downwards so you cant see her face so you probably want to stick her on a shelf or something.

Apart from the small gripes, I think that this is a rather nice cutesome figure.
Have a look for this figure on the following sites.
Anime USA
#''#B000IM6J1O,ナギ 死神装束,Amazon#''#
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