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Ginza Xmas

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2006/12/25 15:53 JST In Japan
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Seasons greetings! Hows your Christmas festivities going so far?
Christmas in Japan is just like any other day and I'm off to work in a bit. The folks over here dont really 'celebrate' Christmas but they do spend a wad of dosh during this season. For example, wherever you go in Tokyo you will see a ton of Christmas lighting all over the place - much more lighting than I used to see back in the UK around Oxford street and Regent Street. Christmas in Japan is also another excuse to buy things for ones self and others.

Spent a pleasant Christmas eve in Ginza walking around shopping and eating and just like Akihabara, the main road in Ginza is pedestrianized to allow people to walk in the roads without being harassed by cars and taxis.
In one of the pics, you will notice a screen of a mac set to - what I find amusing is setting Safari on all the macs in the Apple store to What happens after a while is that you will see the lads all looking at the idol pages ^o^;

Uploaded the member login functionality. At the moment you can just customize your avatar and reserve your nick name but will add more features over time. One of the first things I will work on is your home page which will be at - will be linked from wherever your nickname appears. Your home page will feature things like items from your RSS feed ( if you decide to register it ) which should help a bit in driving traffic to your site. Let me know if the UI is all wrong or if you spot any bugs. You can register somewhere here.

One more quickie - I know I keep saying this but give me just a bit longer for the wallpaper tool ^^;

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