Ai Shinozaki

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2006/12/20 15:45 JST In Japanese Idols
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Here are the rest of the images of Ai Shinozaki taken at sundays photo session.
Some of you asked how common photo sessions are. As far as I know, these sessions have been around since the stone age where cavemen drew images of the idols on Triceratops skin with a sharp stone. Have a look at Google search results for "Idol photo session" ( in Japanese ) or have a look at the following sites to see more photos taken at these sessions.
Gokuraku Idol

Of all the things that TJ Han can ask - he asks whether there is extra groin space in the cod piece of the armor. A good question I suppose for those considering getting some. The answer is no and when you wear armor, impure thoughts are absolutely forbidden or one would end up in an embarrassing accident. Hmmm. I wonder what the poll would look like if I asked a question about how many times one has impure thoughts per day/hour...

Quite flat out and under water at the moment after a hecktic Sunday but its no rest for the wicked as this weekend we have the World Hobby Festival (some of last years shenanigans here), Comike at the end of the year and Auto Salon in Jan.
Leave you with a Q re the wallpaper tool...

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