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Wii Review

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2006/12/06 16:36 JST In Games
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My Wii arrived on the day of launch but Zelda and Super Monkey Ball didnt so popped out to get Gundam Scad Hammer which I was thinking of getting anyway - tis a brilliant game and probably the best out of the Wii, PS3 and XBOX360 bunch of Gundam launch titles. You can check out the promo trailer at YouTube and more movies of the game at the official site.
You start off with Gundam and he (do we call Gundam a 'he' ? Please advise) has a ball n chain which you swing at Zak's and Acguy's etc. If you swing the controller as if you are really swinging a ball n chain (which we all obviously do in real life from time to time), Gundam will do the same. If you thrust the controller out in front, the ball and chain lashes out to hit the MS infront. The instructions actually state that you don’t need to swing the remote around the room like a ball and chain!
There are usual big bosses to overcome at the end of stages - some of which involve you jumping in the air and swinging the ball n chain. Consider getting it but be warned that you will have aching arms after a few hours. Folks in Japan can get it at #''#B000FNSZ90,スカッドハンマーズ,Amazon#''#.

When I first opened the box and started to take bits out, the first thing I thought was "erm, they forgot to put in the machine..." and then realized that I was holding it. The thing is tiny and light weight when compared to the 7kg PS3.

Ah, and before I forget, somebody recorded the program (I’m on near the end) that I appeared on and you can see me for all of 5 seconds lol.

I didn’t think I needed another nunchuk but it turns out that many multi player games require both the nunchuk and controller.

If it tickles your fancy, you can have your Wii lying on its belly.

Notice how simple the back of the unit is. The red socket is for the sensor that you stick on top of your TV.
You need to have wireless connectivity if you want to hook up to the net - or you’ll need to get the USB LAN adapter.

A panel opens up at the top to reveal GameCube sockets.

A brilliant move by Nintendo - copy your game save data to an SD card - then back that up to your computer. I lost all my save data on a PS2 memory card after it (sony) timed out so this functionality is great but no-brainer.

I thought the Wii was designed lopsided but it turns out that the stand is made in a way so that the unit slants backwards.

As with a lot of electronic devices of late - the adapter is huge when compared to the actual unit.

Comparison to the PS3. The PS3 is double the height, double the width and quadruple the mass (and heat).

Hecktor and I playing Super Monkey Ball squash whilst being filmed by a Spanish production crew.
I found the Wii to be such a new refreshing way to play games. Instead of just sitting there with sweaty hands wiggling your joystick (....) or joypad, Wii has you swinging your arms n body all over the gaff. Could the Wii be a device jointly developed by Nintendo and the Japanese government to get all the hikkikomori to shape up without leaving their homes?

If I was to distinguish the PS3 and Wii I would call Wii 'fun' and the PS3 'coolsome'. As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn’t plan on getting a Wii until my wife ordered me to. Now that its here, I can tell you that I spend more time on the Wii than the PS3. The PS3 is indeed cool but the gameplay is not that much different from what you find on the PS2 – just better sound and graphics. When DMC4 or Metal Gear comes out then I may be saying something different. Wii adds a totally new dimension to gaming.
The Wii can currently handle up to 4 (is it more?) remotes so what I am looking forward to are games that uses sensors that you attach to your arms n legs allowing you to control characters with your whole body – now that would be cool.

Am I the only one who actually wears the straps?

Being interviewed in my figure research laboratory. Will let you know what the film is about when its ready ^^


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