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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/08/27 04:40 JST In Japan
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This is a photo of a single room at a net cafe where thousands of homeless folks are spending their nights.
These net cafes dont need any contract or key money ( a lump sum you need to pay to a landlord ) and you can stay at one for a just over 1,000 yen per night at some places.

Unfortunately this is becoming a bit of a social problem which is why the government plans to help these folks by giving them 150,000 yen per month to help them get off their feet.
Folks who earn less than 1,500,000 yen per annum don't have to pay back the sum.
Are there internet cafes in your region where you can stay at all night in your region?

In case you are wondering - many homeless here actually try to support themselves by doing small part time jobs here n there. Even without a permanent place to stay at, they wash their clothes in the park and take showers at public baths. This is another reason why you hardly see folks going around begging for money in Tokyo.
There are also so many homeless to riches stories to be seen on the TV here.

Do you have a load of homeless folks in your region? Do they go around begging (is that the politically correct term?) for money? If they ask you, do you give or ignore and how much do you give?

Once back in the UK I gave a girl about 50 pence. She saw that I also had a pound and said something like "I'll swap this 50 pence for your pound." All I could say was...

News via Black Tokyo.

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