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Your First Anime

Mon 2008/08/25 08:15 JST

Isn't anime such a cool subject to talk about?
My first anime was when I was a wee little lad back in the UK - watched dubbed versions of Gatchaman known as "G-Force" in the UK.

The first anime I watched in my late teenage years was the original Macross film dubbed in Cantonese - completely fell in lurve with Minmay and realized that I had a thing for 2D characters ^^;

Gatchaman below.

Minmay singing Tenshi no E no Gu below.

Feel free to paste youtube urls of your first anime > http://jp.youtube.com/

To Karasu-kun and all - can we not forget to quote the source of any image posted - if you forgot then please mention so. Want to make sure we credit the source.

Original text from Karasu-kun below.

I finally got off my lazy butt and started cataloging all of my anime this weekend. As I was going through all of my stuff I started thinking about all of the series/movies/OAV I've watched over time, and how long I've been watching anime. I distinctly remember watching Sailor Moon before school during junior high, Akira with friends (the dub *shudder*), Ghost in the Shell, Tenchi Muyo, all the mid to late 90's standbys. The first real series to suck me in though, was Fushigi Yuugi. I'm not terribly fond of other Watase Yuu series, but FY instantly what drew me in, if it wasn't a little formulaic. Do you remember what your first series was, and do you regard it fondly looking back now, or would you be embarrassed to say you watched it/liked it now?

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