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Your Anime Crush

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2008/08/22 06:27 JST In Anime
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Good question from Otakudan. I used to think Motoko from GITS was the perfect female anime character - until I started to watch moe anime ^^;
Hmmmm. Names that immediately spring to mind for me are Haruka+ Kana (Minamike). I also find myself looking very much forward to each episode of Strike Witches since I set my mince pies on Sanya-chan.

Original text from i'm mr. danger below.

Ever otaku has at least one anime character that they adore. They love the character(s) so much that they try to get their hands on any product that the character(s) appears on and they plaster every square inch of their room with the image of their beloved character(s). The anime characters that I personal like are Yoko, Haruhi, Konata, and Kallen, in that order. Who is your anime crush ?


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