Yui Aragaki

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2006/11/10 16:17 JST In Japanese Idols
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Tomorrow is the 11th of November. To you and I it means PS3 launch day but did you know that its also Pocky day?! Pocky day has been recognized as a memorial day by the Japanese Memorial day association since November 11 1999. Japanese year formats are still being used in Japan and 1999 was Heisei 11 thus you get 11/11/11. And all those ones lined up look like erm Pocky's...
So what does that have to do with this rather cute idol? Well Yui is Pocky's current campaign girl and you can see her dancing around in the current TV commercial at YouTube - you can also see her running around in a bikini and school uniform.
Folks in Japan can get their grubby mitts on her photo books and DVDs at Amazon.

I was going to post this tomorrow but hopefully what you will see instead are pictures of the band new spanking PS3 - and lets hope it does not die within the first 20 mins from overheat. Will also bring you the fun and games from the folks camping out for their machine around Tokyo tonight.

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