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Toshiba Helmet

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2006/11/08 16:30 JST In Gadgets
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Guess which company’s R&D department has too much money to spend? From the looks of this product I guess its Toshiba.
They’ve developed this “thing” which you wear on yer head called the "Full Face Helmet". What you see on the inside is a projection of any image/video onto a curved surface giving the illusion that you are wearing a big round “thing” on yer head. The image moves depending on the angle you tilt your head giving the added illusion that your neck is about to snap due to the weight.

You can check out the video of this product on WBS’s site.
Hmmm, I have just thought of a realistic scenario for this product. Toshiba probably want to target the family man who has wife n kids who cant watch ero anime at home. With this helmet, he does not have to worry anymore as he is the only one who can see what’s going on inside.


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