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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/08/20 04:13 JST In Japan
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Itai News covers a story about a guy who went to meet his GF's parents for the first time.
The guy wrote up the experience that he went through on his blog and talks about how nervous he was. When a guy goes to meet his GF's parents for the first time, in most cases in Japan it means that he wants to marry their daughter.

His GF's parents asked him how much he earned. He said 2,600,000 yen (about 23,691 USD).
Her parents laughed at him and said that he was not good enough for their daughter.

The guy ended his blog entry by saying that maybe he should split up with his GF because of this and that he is really depressed.

Most of the comments at Itai News are not surprised at the parents response and said that it would be tough for him to support himself and his GF if they got married. What do you think of all this?

I dont have a picture of a guy being laughed at by his GF's parents so this C74 Pink Chu Chu image of Sairenji Haruna will have to do instead - get it from Fakku.

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