Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2005/01/17 07:00 JST In Games
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With the recent release of Sony's PSP and all those Mojipittan ads on TV, this game has become a slight boom in Japan - not only is the PSP version selling tons (maybe because there are still hardly any games out for the PSP) but the Gameboy Advance is selling like hot cakes too! the GBA version was released over two years ago but thanks to those TV ads for the PSP version, the GBA version is getting a new lease of life.
Its a bit like the English version of scrabble where one has to make words out of hiragana, but certain puzzles have many different gimmicks like the playing boards rotating and wot not. Probably not useful if you don't read hiragana but great for those who do or for those learning Japanese. Click here to go to the official Mojipittan site by Namco to play the demo version!

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