Parents, Partners and your Figures

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/08/02 09:37 JST In Japan
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iron2000 asks a good question - what do you parents think of your figure collecting hobby?
My parents dont know ^^;
How about your partner - what do they think? As for my wife - she thinks some are cute (mostly nendoroids) not too incredibly keen on the ones with big eyes ^^;
Luckily I made figures part of my work or I don't think I would have so many ^^;

Original text from iron2000 below.

Finally found a suitable casing for the Figmas.
Bought it and on last Wednesday I finally unboxed my Figmas.

I got the case at a local shop.
Its the Clear Collection Case W400 from Epoch.
Costed me about $26USD.

My first real female figures. Theres mostly only mecha here.
The only other figures I had before are the old TMNT figures.
But Figmas are on another class from those TMNT figures.
They are like treasures so the case to protect them.

My mom commented that they are pretty girls.
Don't know if my dad has noticed them yet.

How did your parents react when they see your first bishoujo figure?

Casing box from an online store

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