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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2006/07/18 17:00 JST In Japanese Idols
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83% of you said that you would hunt me down and eat my spleen if I didnt go to the Sayaka Tashiro DVD launch event. Rather than go without my spleen for the rest of my life, I decided that I should brave the crowds and attend.

Now I've already been to two previous idol events (Asaki Yoshida and Risa Shimamoto and didnt really expect many people to attend for a new comer (its her first DVD) and was shocked to be told that I was in seat 75! I was still one of the lucky ones as there were about 150+ attendees. The ones who came late ended up without seats standing at the back of the hall.

I've figured out how to get good seats by now and this is how it works....
The event holders dont really know how many people are going to attend and so first batch of tickets in the raffle box will have seat numbers from about 1-10. As more people start to arrive, they put ticket numbers 11-20 and so on. So the only thing you have to do really is to get there early - raffles start an hour before the event. I usually get there 30 mins before the event starts which is why I end up with a crap seat.

As you can see from the shots - the place was packed. Never seen Ishimaru like this before and the queue went twice around the floor.

Queue of idol otaku going around the staircase.

Remember that as soon as you sit down you have a couple of minutes for "adjust-underpants-and-camera-settings."

Full house! I dont think the event holders expected so many people to attend so they decided to do the photo session at the beginning of the event. With this many people, expect to be there for a long time. It was quite interesting to see that while some people were fixated on what was going on at the front (like me) some others where reading or sleeping while they were waiting for their turn...

OK! my turn to go up and take some shots for you - just for you ^^;;

Sayaka was the most energetic and lively idol that I've seen to date at an event. Dancing to the background music, lots of humor and I'm sure she stole a lot of attendees hearts that day.

Here comes the rest of the bikini photos - had the camera on pulse mode so you will see many similar shots - but each one different - if you know what I mean.

After the photo session, Sayaka runs off to get changed into civilian attire and its a round of the usual paper-scissors-stone with her where five lucky smug bastards won a signed Sayaka T-shirt.
After that was the "meet n greet n shake hand n receive a signed something" session.

This was the ticket I was given at Ishimaru after the event. Sayaka was doing the same event at Yamagiwa at 6PM that day and if I took this along I would have got to have a Polaroid shot with her - as always - 1 DVD is enough for me but she looked great in the white bikini that she wore - I've seen the pics but cant find which site ToT;

This is the signed photo that she gave me - and to all the others who attended.

And this is a photo from her photo album which you can get at Amazon for 2,940 yen and if you liked the look of the screen grabs from her DVD, you can also get that at Amazon for 2,940 yen.

If you want more of Sayaka, you can see a bunch of pics of her at MSN, read her blog and see some of her in action at You Tube - the video of her dressed up as a maid treating a customer in a cold manner is a good one.

Now that you've seen all three idols up close, I ask a previously asked question again...

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